31: Weston Zaludek // Brewing Up Faith

Screenshot (Oct 3, 2019 2_27_36 PM).pngHe’s a brewer that found Jesus moments before getting t-boned by a semi. He’s got some interesting and unique takes on big questions and is an absolute joy to be around.

I met Weston a year back at a concert put on at his brewery. It was dope with free craft beer, cacao, and good music (Dj from the 8th episode played a set).

I hadn’t spoken with him since that one time and so I had no clue what we’d talk about on the show. Turns out he’s got a wild story to tell and a bright future ahead of him.

I stayed up the night before this talk editing the website, so I was a little out of it, but Weston was a blast to talk with and I always enjoy these sorts of unconventional talks.

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