32: Arisa Larmay // Nonprofits, Healthcare, and Cans

screen-shot-2019-10-03-at-3.40.04-pm.pngArisa is one of the most wonderful people I’ve met through this show! She’s working to startup a nonprofit that helps people cover their medical costs by raising funds through can & bottle deposits. Hence the name, We Care And Can.

I’m looking forward to seeing her company grow in the coming years. It’s hard to start up a business, but when the goal of your service is something so crucial as the one she’s working on, I don’t see a way it could falter.

We talked about a wide range of stuff, including healthcare, nonprofits, life in your 20’s, and recovering from a concussion.

She was incredibly warm and friendly to speak with and I’m looking forward to having her back on the show as her work reaches new heights.

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