39: Todd Boyle // Housing & Gentrification in Oregon

received_2305661919563312.jpegTodd comes on the show to share his perspective on the growing housing crisis that Eugene is facing. It’s not a topic that I thought I’d be intrigued by, but by the end I was drawn in by the decision Eugene will face in the coming years.

What should we do about homeless people, what can we do to get reasonable rent, stuff about tiny houses, and other genuine takes on this issue.

Conversations like this are more engaging for me since I won’t let someone talk about ideas without backing them up, and while it may make the episode a little dicey at times, it’s always in good faith and in pursuit of bettering the conversation and solutions at hand.

Todd Boyle is an exceptional human that I had the honor of speaking with, and I’m looking forward to the coming years to see Eugene’s reaction to his advocacy!

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