42: Robert Patterson // Homeless

20191024_135626_HDR.jpgRobert Patterson is an advocate for the homeless to be a protected class.

We talk about what it means to be homeless, why there is a housing crisis, and some possible solutions moving forward.

I met Robert after seeing him give a passionate speech to the Eugene housing committee about how we could prevent young and at-risk people from becoming homeless, and I’m glad I did.

Robert has just thrown his hat in the ring and declared that he will also be running for Mayor of Eugene in 2020 on the platform of expanded liberties for the homeless, expanded rent control and tenants’ rights, increased investments in Eugene’s infrastructure such as municipally-owned broadband and light rail, innovative funding of urban renewal projects and housing, and expansion of Eugene’s manufacturing economy, among other things.

Robert is a wonderful and kind individual that was a joy to speak with. I look forward to seeing where his advocacy takes him in the future.

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