50: Erica L Hernandez // Therapy & Belief

20191130_130630(3).jpgErica L Hernandez just published her first book, Evasion. She comes on the show to talk about everything that’s happened in her life leading up to the publication and what her goals are with it.

Erica is a therapist that focuses on bipolar and depression.

Along with a discussion about therapy, we get into spirituality and how it can mesh with therapy.

She writes a weekly blog on her site, ericalhernandez.com where you can read further into the topics we talked about in the show.

Thank you to everyone that listens and supports this podcast! I’ll be taking a break from releasing episodes, and will be coming back stronger than ever in February 2020. I’m going to take some time to tweak and improve the show, along with getting on a more consistent upload schedule.

I’ll still be recording episodes in this time, if you or someone you know wants to be on the show, reach out to me over email and I’d love to make it happen.

Thank you, and I’m looking forward to getting back into things in 2020!


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